Bayview plantation shutters are synonymous with quality craftsmanship, comprehensive bespoke options and luxury with longevity. Bayview is a popular classic and premium window covering solution which remains an opulent and valuable product. Through quality craftsmanship and customisation of decorative and shaped framing options, these plantation shutters enhance the atmosphere in any room for every home. To ensure that our shutters compliment every room in your home we offer 3 materials, full timber premium Basswood or highly engineered Thermo 25 or the new hybrid Thermo Tec.

Premium Basswood

Premium Basswood timber does not crack or dent easily and provides the option of unlimited decorative and shaped framing options. Due to unique grain of this timber it makes it suitable for either stained or painted finishes.

Thermo 25

Thermo25 poly shutters are hard wearing and moisture resistant which make them ideal for wet areas such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry. This product will not chip, warp or crack in the most humid or moist of conditions.

Thermo Tec

Thermo Tec is a market leading engineered hybrid that combines both Premium Basswood and Thermo25. With the advantage of basswoods rigidity and customisable options along with the hard wearing Thermo25 poly blades, you will have the most versatile hard wearing shutter on the market.