What is Ultra20

Ultra20 Plantation Shutters blend the strength and stability of man-made materials with the beauty, character and elegance of real wood. Ultra20 shutters are reinforced with aluminium inserts for strength and are built to endure harsh Australian conditions. These plantation shutters are 100% recyclable making them environmentally friendly, termite resistant, fire retardant and moisture resistant making them ideal for interior wet areas and safe around kids. In fact, this tough product is so long wearing that we offer a 20 year warranty!! 

DID U KNOW we use VALSPAR to coat our Ultra20 plantation shutters? VALSPAR is a carbon neutral spray paint which is baked in specialised Italian manufactured ovens to ensure maximum paint hardness and prevent your colour from fading. Valspar is a 100% water based paint for improved performance, consistent quality and customer value. Whether it’s a style, feeling, statement or mood, Valspar paints will help you create a space you love by helping you colour and protect your home, inside and out. 

20 Reasons For Ultra20

  1. Engineered and manufactured for best shutter performance

  2. Moisture and humidity resistant than any timber shutter material

  3. Will not crack chip, split or warp under harsh weather conditions

  4. Better than timber for fixing and fastening characteristics

  5. Constructed with high strength joints using both stainless steel screws and adhesive

  6. Extrusion material ls a carbon/glass fibre reinforced polymer

  7. Recyclable

  8. Manufactured from hypoallergenic materials

  9. Does not support bacterial activity

  10. Termite resistant

  11. Insulates up to 70% more than timber & PVC shutter equivalent

  12. Fire retardant – NFPA 701 Certified

  13. Will not sag, creep or deform over time

  14. Contain aluminium Insert for increased strength and stiffness

  15. Finished In Valspar paints

  16. Surface is repairable

  17. Easily cleaned without harsh chemicals

  18. UV resistant

  19. Clever sections and detailing to conceal joints

  20. Backed up 20 year warranty